Legacy Lakes
The Sandhills

The Sandhills – Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen NC

Legacy Lakes is in the heart of The Sandhills of NC, minutes from Pinehurst and Southern Pines, NC


Golf, Galleries, History and Tradition

The World’s First Sandtrap


Living in the Pinehurst NC area, “Home of American Golf,” can give one the impression that everyone here eats, drinks and sleeps golf. Well, that’s what 40 championship golf courses within a 15-minute drive can do for you. The truth is, there is much more to The Sandhills of NC than golf. Tennis is also the name of the game with professional tournaments held right at the Legacy Lakes Tennis Club. Also famous in The Sandhills is their equestrian community and nearby Seagrove, home to world-famous potters and antique shops. A Legacy Lakes home is ideally situated for daily adventures to any of these venues, as well as galleries, lakes, parks and other recreation facilities.

The World’s First Sandtrap

The Sandhills is, in fact, a strip of ancient beach dunes. Twenty million years ago, when ocean levels were much higher, The Sandhills formed the coast of North Carolina. Today, The Sandhills area of North Carolina is still very “beach like” in its make-up and is home to the variety of pines that do well in a warm climate and sandy soil. Take a hike on the trails of nearby Weymouth Woods and you might run into a gopher tortoise, site a red-headed woodpecker or hear the rhapsody of a pine barrens tree frog, all native to this area.


Aberdeen NC

Settled in the 1700s by Scottish immigrants, Aberdeen NC is a quaint little railroad town that occupies an area of only ten square miles and is home to approximately 5,000 residents. With the railroad as its name to fame, Aberdeen was called the “gateway to Pinehurst” for tourists and continues to be the place to visit. It is a favorite destination for artists and golfers alike, not to mention history buffs who spend hours wandering through over 100 historic buildings.


The Village of Pinehurst NC

In 1895 James Walker Tufts, a successful New Englander, purchased over 5,000 acres of pine barrens in what is now known as The Village of Pinehurst or “Old Town.” He wanted a resort-like vacation spot for middle-class Northerners reminiscent of a New England village. Mr. Tufts engaged the services of Frederick Law Olmstead, the designer of Central Park in New York City, to create such a place in North Carolina. Working together, one the visionary and the other an experienced architectural landscaper, they created a magical place for people to visit from all over the world.


Southern Pines NC

Southern Pines is adjacent to the Village of Pinehurst and the town of Aberdeen NC, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is home to the Weymouth Center that houses the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame and continues to be a gathering place for prominent authors. Southern Pines is a popular vacation destination because of the mild climate, close proximity to national tennis tournaments, equestrian events and world-class golf.


Fort Bragg NC

Located just 37 miles east of Legacy Lakes is Fort Bragg and Camp Mackall, North Carolina. It is home to the US Army Airborne Forces and Special Forces, as well as the US Army Forces Command. As a master-planned community, Legacy Lakes offers a secure environment for military families, as well as resort-style amenities to enjoy.


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