Legacy Lakes

Hole by Hole Overview

Take a virtual tour of this Nicklaus Design masterpiece. Our bird’s eye animation will give you an overview
of every fairway and green. It’s almost like being there!


Holes 1-6

   Hole #1 Par 4 - 431 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 1

Legacy has a fairly friendly starting hole. Favor the right side of this hole from tee to green. There is plenty of room to the right off the tee. Approach shots that are missed to the right side of the green tend to kick left down toward the green. There is no need to risk hitting your approach shot into the left green side bunker.

   Hole #2 Par 5 - 559 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 2

Keep your tee shot to the left to be safe – the right side trees are not an easy place to play from. Longer hitters may be able to reach this par 5 in two but if the pin is in the back left beware of the green side bunker.

   Hole #3 Par 4 - 431 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 3

You need a straight tee shot here. Try to keep your ball below the hole as you approach the green. If you go past the hole you might wind up with a slippery putt and if you go over the back of the green you will have a difficult chip shot to deal with.

   Hole #4 Par 4 - 455 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 4

Favor the right side of the fairway with your tee shot to avoid the fairway bunkers on the left side. Don’t over-read your putt here… not much break to this green.

   Hole #5 Par 3 - 174 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 5

From the view you have on the tee box you can see why this is one of our signature holes. This is a great risk-reward hole, especially when the pin is on the back left part of the green. The safe play is to aim for the right side of the green. If you want to aim at the pin you will have to be brave off the tee. Don’t pull it left!

   Hole #6 Par 5 – 513 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 6

If you play a draw you will love this tee shot. Bigger hitters can reach this par 5 in two shots but beware. This green is shallow and is hard to hit with a fairway wood. If you have to lay up…play a safe shot to a distance that you like. Getting caught up in the rough just short of this green can make for a difficult chip shot. A birdie seems very possible here but a poor approach shot to the green can make it difficult.


Holes 7-12

   Hole #7 Par 4 – 390 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 7

Big hitters keep your diver in your bag on this tee shot. Favor the right on this hole…the woods and Dogwood Trees on the left are beautiful but have claimed many golf balls.

   Hole #8 Par 4 – 387 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 8

Don’t let the yardage here fool you…this is a challenging hole from start to finish. Again, big hitters keep the driver in your bag. A straight shot off the tee is a must here. Play an extra club into this green to avoid coming up short in the waste bunker. Par is a good score on this hole.

   Hole #9 Par 3 – 177 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 9

Another great par 3! Take a little extra club off the tee here. You don’t want to come up short on your tee shot. Even balls that clear the water typically will roll back into the hazard if they are short of the green.

   Hole #10 Par 4 – 376 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 10

A relatively short dogleg right, there is “water, water everywhere” on #10.Your shot making will be challenged but a narrow fairway, with rough to the left and, you guessed it, water to the right.

   Hole #11 Par 3 – 181 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 11

Again, keep it left here…nothing but trouble on the right of this hole. There are two ways to hit this green: One – hit the green directly. Two – hit the hill to the left of the green and watch it roll on…this approach works almost every time.

   Hole #12 Par 4 – 408 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 12

The key to this hole…avoid the bunkers! Favor the left side off the tee here. The fairway bunkers on the right are no walk in the park. Favor the right side of the green on your approach because the greenside bunker on the left can make for a tough up and down.


Holes 13-18

   Hole #13 Par 5 – 556 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 13

Another great risk-reward par 5! You can go for this green in two but don’t miss your shot out to the right or it might get wet. Good chance to make a birdie here.

   Hole #14 Par 4 – 429 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 14

Favor the left side off the tee but not too much or you will end up behind the lone pine tree just off the fairway and have a tough shot to the green. Take a little extra club on your approach if the wind is coming into you off the lake.

   Hole #15 Par 4 – 390 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 15

The safe shot off the tee here is a fairway wood or hybrid straight up the hill. This should leave you with about 150 yards or so into the green. This small green can be tough to hit. Don’t miss it left because the green side bunker is deep and makes for a tough up and down.

   Hole #16 Par 5 – 490 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 16This is the shortest par 5 on the course. Favor the left side off the tee to avoid the woods on the right. A poor tee shot might force you to lay up on your second shot but lower handicappers will go for this green in two. Beware of the creek that runs in front of the green…its narrow but can quickly turn a birdie into a bogie.

   Hole #17 Par 3 – 171 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 17

Select your club carefully on this par 3. You don’t want to leave your tee ball short…if you do it might get used by one of the many beavers who live in this lake!

    Hole #18 Par 4 – 459 yds

Hole-by-Hole_Individual-Hole 18

Voted – “The best finishing hole in Moore County, NC” by Pinehurst Magazine

If you’ve never played Legacy you will soon understand why this hole is called “The Bear”. In order to hit this par 4 in two shots you better give it your best off the tee. If your tee shot doesn’t clear the hill you will have a decision to make on your second shot. If you go for the green make sure to hit an extra club. If the pin is in the back right side of the green you need at least two extra clubs…trust me. Once you’re on the green most putts will break back toward the lake. Par is a great score on this hole!


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